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In your normal state, meaning not being pregnant, you could carry two tons of weight. It took everything in Bakugou to not jump up and run into your room once he saw the door open. The news-reporter kept blabbering on about the sight before him, commenting every attack and move that your husband was making towards the villain before him. Bakugou grabbed his bag with his hero costume inside and made his way to his house. Kirishima stared at you in disbelief and you gave him a small smile. Bakugou jumped down from the final building, standing upright as he looked around. No one wants to run into their ex in the grocery store.

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You put the milk in the cart as Haru shyly hid behind your leg and peered at Bakugou.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The room was empty, just you lying on the hospital bed. His glasses were strewn on his face and his hair tousled. Overkill stared blankly let you as he let the blade drop down to your chest and shoved it hard into you. This was one of those times as you watched Bakugou fight a rather large and aggressive villain.

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