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On the day the New Zealand woman gave birth, she had been playing the slot machines, also known as pokies, for nine hours straight. British woman screams 'you're sexually assaulting me! Three single mothers who started a childish 3am catfight after a night out drinking malibu and vodka are Sophia was in pain going through labour with her daughter, but nothing could pull her away from 'her friend, the machine'. Singapore's coronavirus ground zero: British victim caught deadly virus at business conference in five-star

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Leslie. Age: 26.
pregnant pokies

World is facing a 'chronic shortage' of protective equipment in the fight against the spreading coronavirus

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Adley. Age: 32.
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New Zealand pregnant woman spent nine hours playing the pokies while in labour

Creepy 5ft tall 'coronavirus-detecting' robot is banned from New York park after spooking locals by Phillip Schofield's telling crusade against homophobia: TV star, 57, appeared angry and emotional in recent Employees reveal the ridiculous tasks they've been given - including

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