Girl getting a wedgie

girl getting a wedgie
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When they bend over to pick up their pants you get behind them and wedgie them. Instead of pulling up at the front or the back, grab a side of the victim's underwear and pull up. If done right the victim should be in a hanging wedgie by their inner most pair of underwear all the other pairs just sitting on their body with ropes attached to them. When finished you should be inside a room and the victim should be outside in the hallway with their underwear pulled through the closed doorway. Too make this hard and painful to get out of do it while the victim is wearing shoes or tie their wrist together. The act is performed when someone grabs the back of another persons underwear and yanks it over their head, hard.

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Girls Getting Wedgies (84 pics)

When you give the wedgie, pull the victim onto their tiptoes. A wedgie in briefs aka tighty whities One of the most notable school yard pranks is known as the wedgie. A wedgie where the victim has their underwear on backwards.

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