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smell my feet videos
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Shockingly, stinky toes don't plague my own life on an everyday basis. Our body is covered in sweat glands to help cool us down. Ugh — that was even gross to type. Let's face it: There are certain parts of our body that have a unique perfume to them. My personal secret is kicking them off or falling out of them as soon as a walk in the door and leaving them in the middle of the living room floor. Besides wearing fresh socks, because duh, also make sure to use breathable sock materials like cotton to help your feet breathe.

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Science does nothing so well as explain the more bizarre parts of our world to us, am I right?

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Trick or Treat smell my feet FINAL

A new video from the American Chemical Society's Reactions web series breaks down the science behind why feet smell and discusses some possible solutions to prevent smelly feet from happening in the first place. Like any other organism, when bacteria eat, they fart yes, even the female bacteria. A bacteria called Brevibacterium, which smells like munster cheese, releases methanethiol when it eats dead skin cells. Yep: Without allowing our feet to breath, bacteria moves on in and makes itself at home.

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