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nude subreddits
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Mostly involves: MMF group sex in which the men sort of interact and double penetration porn. Perhaps the most surprising part of this subreddit is that most erotic images are part of long storylines. This subreddit is particularly popular among women who just want to hear a man vocally expressing arousal, but there are many, many clips of women acting out sexy monologues. Mostly involves: audio recordings of anonymous men and women acting out sexual scenarios, usually using a second-person verb tense. This subreddit is an amusing blend of VR-enthusiasts and horny people who discuss developments in virtual reality tech with as much excitement as they do certain pornstars. Mostly involves: insane, erotic depictions of cartoon characters having explicit sex and cosplay.

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The 21 Best Porn Subreddits, From Sexy to Surprising

Mostly involves: curious, horny people asking other porn enthusiasts if their kinks are represented in videos. Mostly involves: photos of women wearing dresses and standing in front of a light source, which makes the fabric of their dresses see-through. Notice how none of the women are jackhammering dildos into their vaginas over and over for two minutes?

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