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A total of 36 episodes were produced before it was announced that the series would not return for a fourth season. Meanwhile, Malloy joins a group of displaced Native Americans and urges them to raid the Hazelhurst Mall. Meanwhile, Denzel get stuck in an ice cave and Denzel discovers a frozen Neanderthal woman — and makes her his girlfriend. When Steve volunteers to track down the person who has been leaving the park littered with half-eaten goats, he finds his father - the greatest park ranger Brickleberry has ever known - living in a cave. Woody befriends Brickleberry's corrupt, Rob Ford -esque mayor voiced by John DiMaggio and loses the park in a poker game, which the mayor wants to use as a hunting ground.

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Meanwhile, Steve goes after a ghost who allegedly ruined his childhood.

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Amber Alert

Bored with the lack of crime in Brickleberry Park, Steve joins the police force and finds himself in over his head when he crashes his squad car into a biker bar and lets the bikers overrun the park so he can live. Meanwhile, Connie and Denzel get stranded on an island populated by lesbians -- and Denzel discovers why the natives are worshipping Connie as a goddess. The three fired rangers soon find work at a strip club, where Connie becomes the main attraction, Denzel is a DJ.

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