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When I was 11 I spent a blissful summer in Singapore playing tennis and swimming. But on my first morning back at school I ran into my form teacher. Her eyes widened.

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So which hair removal method is right for you? A laser beam is used on the skin, focusing on the area of hair growth. In between, you need to shave any remaining hair, rather than pluck or wax it.

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And my sideburns. And my chin. Though plenty of women proudly rock their facial hair and I bow down to youI personally feel more comfortable with hair-free skin.

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So do you love bleaching your skin? Many of us do and why not, it is the simplest way to get a glowing skin. Although bleaching your skin is not advised on a daily basis, it can be done sometimes.

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Apart from its distinct smell, face bleach has a lot of reputation surrounding it, some good and some not so. The claimed benefits of face bleach include removal of blackheads, pigmentation and tan. Most people even resort to bleaching to save themselves the pain of threading.

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Charlotte D. Several hair styling procedures, for example, bleaching and dyeing of the hair, involve application of chemicals that are highly toxic to the skin 1. While allergic contact dermatitis due to hair care products is often described 1—5only a few cases of burns caused by hair care chemicals have been reported 6—

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The truth is, there is no per cent guaranteed permanent hair removal method. However, there are certain options that are considered to be better than others with regard to permanency. One hair removal method that can be considered permanent is electrolysis.

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This fast acting, creamy bleach has no unpleasant ammonia smell. Before each application the cream bleach is mixed with the powder and in as little as seven minutes hairs will be lightened to blend in with natural skin tone. The creamy texture ensures there is no flaking or drying out during treatment.

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Waxing is just one of the many types of hair removal available aside from traditional shaving, plucking, and depilatories. Facial wax works with either warm or cool wax that hardens against the area of skin with unwanted hairs. Face wax can easily be purchased at your local drugstore.

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Yeah, I admit: the picture of this blogpost is shopped. I just created it because I wanted to get an idea of how I might look with a white beard before I do a beard bleaching. In any case, I did some researches about beard bleaching for you. Whether you are looking to bleach your beard for a one-off event, say as a Christmas treat, or as a way to change your look, then there are a few things you should be aware of.