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hatsune miku vocaloid download
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Since VOCALOIDs are often not very cheap to purchase in the first place and many new producers start with just one or two vocals due to tight financial situations or lack of experience, having more vocals than expected can often raise suspicion. The price is accumulation of research and development costs of the Vocaloid software itself, licensing of the software for each studio wanting to make a Vocaloid release, and costs of constructing the voicebank as well as costs of even hiring the singer. Pages can be pulled without notice by companies and producers if they do. Even if these are not taken into consideration, galaco winners were easily looked up on Nico Nico Douga since all the winners were listed there. This is a controversial topic. However, outside of Japan this is not such an easy factor and it is hard to determine the financial earnings of any producer.

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This became less common once methods of obtaining English versions legally were discovered.

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Miku Database

This led her vocal to obtain a reputation for taking out other Vocaloids and her vocal was notorious as a problem installation regardless of whether it was legal or illegal. Despite there already being Sweet Ann released for VOCALOID2, Prima was generally more popular for download as she was the more recently released vocal back in and therefore had more of a spotlight on her. And despite them existing, they too were subject to pirating all the same.

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