What is dancing bear party

what is dancing bear party
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But suck cock all you want. Women expect us normal men to only have one partner, which means they are treating these strippers better than they treat us. The bear, of course, is well endowed, STD free one hopes and presumes , and of quality physical stature. Any video of female strippers where males appear regularly are probably fake. I'll agree that this points to their being real people, but doesn't disqualify them from having hidden talents.

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Arielle. Age: 23.
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It is more important that it conforms to some idea of what sexy looks like and less important that is be pleasurable for the person with the penis.

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Mckenna. Age: 21.
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Is "dancing bear" porn real?

The bracelet theory is wrong; I have examined the videos myself, and Ive see several women that did give oral sex to the preformed not wear any type of bracelet or earring; wrong, my friend. Are these real bachlorette parties, or staged-porn? You actually believe this is a real web site? Many male strippers have also said that this type of behavior is relatively common, and that they are treated as tools for female fantasy by the audience.

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