Motherless strangulation

motherless strangulation
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Was there visible injury such as swelling, redness or bruising? These results are summarized in Table 2. The purpose of the study is to examine non-fatal strangulation by an intimate partner as a risk factor for major assault, or attempted or completed homicide of women. Annals of Emergency Medicine. The National Mortality Followback Survey NMFS of adults 22, decedents 15 years and older shows that the percent dying from strangulation was much higher for women Finally, this study was limited to women living in large urban areas, and may not be generalizable to women living in other kinds of communities.

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Scarlet. Age: 22.
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We urgently need to improve the clinical response to women reporting an incident of non-lethal strangulation to improve treatment and enhance safety planning for this high-risk group of abused women.

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Addilyn. Age: 28.
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Non-fatal strangulation is an important risk factor for homicide of women

More research is needed that specifically focuses on the context of strangulation. In Retrospect Because this was a secondary data analysis, some important information regarding strangulation was not asked. Setting Risk factor data were collected using a structured survey administered by researchers and interviewers trained in interviewing victims of violence. Beyond public records databases: Field strategies for locating and interviewing proxy respondents in homicide research.

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