Girl scout tf2

girl scout tf2
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I never liked the Fem-Classes. I don't understand why some people mainly fan-boys hate the normal male Scout with a burning passion but love and worship the female Scout like a goddess. Join the community to add your comment. I've found a few fairly decent designs that are actually still very close to what the normal scout wears and I think they still like nice. If you double-jump near someone while in a skirt, they're gonna see your underwear.

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It's not "Woohoo" nor "Wow, unbeatable design", far from that : I saw better designs and clothing here on Deviantart.

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Anabelle. Age: 23.
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Fem Scout Renovation v3.2

Im fine with Female ask accounts and stuff, but in the real game, its just stupid. I agree, i hate the femclasses too the fem ask accounts aren't bad i've talked to one and she was not bad nice to know someone agrees. I guess I'm just a little too easy to accept those kind of things, but sincerely, TF2 is not serious : Why should we?

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