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The next time you find yourself feeling curious, take your time with the whole thing by edging yourself for a while. And if I did I probably tried to hack it back up. I love knowing that men eat their own cum. I have been playing with my ass and cock for 57 years. It has no germs to get you sick. Yes, I am very much into eating my own cum and I suffer from this exact mental block you describe. When I told my partner Fal they were actually really excited to help me out!

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Autumn. Age: 32.
please swallow my cum

I should emphasize that it was clearly not allowed to just openly wank in front of everyone, and I was sitting in the middle of the most public room of the club.

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Haven. Age: 27.
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Please Swallow My Cum

If you get close to ejaculating, take your hands off of yourself completely and let the orgasm sensation dissipate until it is completely gone, then go back to playing. You scoop some up with your fingers, raise them to your lips AND…. I hope that you enjoy coming on your food and that it helps you over the wall! I did not want the full orgasm but I stroked just one to many times and exploded.

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