Pancake nipples

pancake nipples
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During the breast bud stage, the nipples and breasts are slightly raised. They're nothing to be self-conscious about -- variety is the spice of life, people. Milk ducts begin to form, fat tissue accumulates, and the areolae begin to enlarge and may appear puffy. Everything is one big ol' mixture. Check with your dermatologist about types of hair removers because nipples are very sensitive and you could potentially get a rash. Just be sure to be VERY careful with a razor to avoid nicks.

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The bumps I'm referring to are when you've got small bumps peppered around the areola.

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Pancake Nipples

My mom's nips are like this and I remember thinking this was a very mature, adult kind of nipple to have. She's got nips and she's not afraid to use 'em. Moore tells us there are instances when you should see a doctor, "if a nipple that was typically outward pointing becomes inverted, this may be a sign of breast cancer.

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