Feminization brainwash

feminization brainwash
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As always I appreciate your continued patronage and servitude! Hopefully you enjoyed the holiday weekend! As you sit naked, restrained and vulnerable I explain that I know ALL about your secret desire to be completely feminized as well as the websites you visit and your fascination with gay and shemale porn from your confessions during counseling. Serving Me you wonder about all the attention and control I exert over you! By this time when you have realized what is happening it is too late! So I am taking matters into My own hands and with this transition there will be no return!

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Alaya. Age: 25.
feminization brainwash

So you have come to Me for My help in stopping dressing in feminine clothes, shopping and all those feminine things you enjoy.

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Mary. Age: 22.
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Feminization Brainwashing Part 1 – Panties & Hose

Feminization Brainwashing Therapy Session One. Physical, mental and emotional you are no longer the same. Hopefully you enjoyed the holiday weekend!

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